The following is an overview of how the Order of Protection Notification System works, from the perspective of the courts, law enforcement, and the victim. If after reading this, you have any questions you haven’t yet found an answer to, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

How Does The Order Of Protection System Work?

The period of time immediately following service of an Order of Protection is recognized as a particularly crucial period for a victim. Abusers are often more violent during a period of separation.

If a victim chooses to register for this service, they will be notified that the Order of Protection has been served. However, The decision to take advantage of this service is the victim’s choice.

If the victim chooses to register for this service, the notification may provide an opportunity for the victim to be proactive and take appropriate precautions during this precarious time allowing the victim to implement a personal safety plan for themselves and any impacted children or other family members.





How Does SAVIN-NY Work?


•  Family Court issues the Order of Protection (OP) and provides a copy to the petitioner/victim.

•  Advises victim of the availability of the OP Notification System.

  Court personnel enter OP into the court’s information system.

  Court personnel enter the Order of Protection into the Court System.

  The court system updates the NYS Order of Protection Registry at the New York State Police (NYSP) eJustice/Integrated Justice Portal.

•  NYS then updates the federal NCIC Protective Order File.

The court forwards a copy of the OP is forwarded to law enforcement for service.


  Has the choice to register through to be notified when the OP is served by law enforcement.

Law Enforcement:

  Serves the Order of Protection.
Completes the Order of Protection Service Screen on the eJusticeNY/Integrated Justice Portal as soon as possible after service.
Depending on agency, practice, and technology this may be accomplished by:

  MDT (Mobile Data Terminal)

  NY-Alert polls the Integrated Justice Portal for updated OP Service data matching on:

•  Court ORI
  Protection Order Number
  Docket Number

•  When it matches, an OP Notification is triggered notifying the registrant by

  Automated phone call
  iAlertz app
• Web query through

  • NYS Domestic Violence Hotline
    1 – 800 – 942 – 6906 (English) 1 – 800 – 942 – 6908 (Español) IF YOU FEEL YOU ARE IN IMMEDIATE DANGER
    CALL 911
  • Victim Tool Box
  • What Officials are Saying about SAVIN-NY
    • • Denise E. O’Donnell, Director of the Bureau of Justice Assistance, within the U.S. Department of Justice:
      "Victims of domestic violence have grave concerns about their personal safety immediately following service of an Order of Protection. New York’s Family Court Order of Protection Notification System serves as a model for other states to provide victims with more timely and accurate information when Orders of Protection are served so they, and the victim advocacy community, can plan for the safety needs of victims and families. BJA is proud to have funded this innovative effort by the New York State Sheriffs’ Association Institute Inc. and its partners, which will undoubtedly save lives and lead to safer communities."
    • • New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo
      "The time immediately following when an order of protection is served can be the most dangerous for a victim of domestic violence," Governor Cuomo said. "But when armed with the technology that the SAVIN system provides, victims of domestic violence can receive timely notifications and take appropriate steps to protect themselves and their loved ones from further harm. I encourage victims to sign up for this service as soon as possible."
  • VINE Link
  • NYS Sheriffs’ Assoc. Institute